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Vision 2020


vision check device attached to a smartphone

New Vision Tests and Technology Can Help Save Your Sight

Open your eyes to these bright new solutions


Diseases and Conditions

Close-up of an eye with graphic illustration overlay

How Autoimmune Conditions May Affect Your Eyes

Chronic inflammation can be linked to a number of vision problems

Older African American woman holding her brow as if she has a headache

Could You Have Light Sensitivity?

What your eyes might be telling you when brightness causes discomfort

photo illustration of a mans head close up partially hidden by an eye exam machine

9 Reasons You Should Visit an Eye Doctor

Once social distancing ends, schedule an exam to maintain healthy vision

A personal perspective view of a man holding a cheeseburger over a table

Poor Diet Linked to Eye Disease Risk

Study offers more reasons to limit processed foods, fatty meats and dairy

Woman touches her face as she examines her eyes

How to Get Rid of Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

Causes of and treatments for the shadows that sometimes come with age

Surgical Solutions

A woman's eyelid

When Your Lids Lose Their Lift

Some people turn to the surgery known as blepharoplasty when eyelids sag

Normal eye vs cataract eye

What to Know About Cataracts and Cataract Surgery

Learn about their causes and symptoms and what to expect during and after the procedure

Laser eye surgery exam

Should You Get LASIK Surgery?

What to know about the benefits and risks of the popular option for vision correction



How Sunglasses Can Protect Your Eyes

They're cool-looking — and crucial to avoiding long-term damage from UV rays

Stylish blue glasses on a blur background.

Taking a Closer Look at a New Generation of Reading Glasses

Today's 'readers' can do much more than just magnify words on a page

Aira Low Vision Assistance

High Tech Innovations for Those With Low Vision

The latest apps, electronic readers and other tools to help people who can't see well

Man holding contact

Why Contacts Might Be Right for You

Tired of glasses? Today's contact lenses offer more options and better comfort 

ThinOptics Smartphone Storage

Reading Glasses Get Cool and Fashionable

Check out the new wave of readers in lightweight, compact and stylish designs

Portrait of smiling men holding squash rackets

Sports Glasses Help Athletes Guard Their Eyes

How to prevent eye injuries when you’re playing pickleball, tennis and more

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