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Ophthalmologist checking patient's eyes

What to Know About Cataracts and Cataract Surgery

Learn about the causes, symptoms and treatment of this common eye problem

Popular on AARP Conditions & Treatments

Various tech gadgets include a self-driving vehicle, tv, toothbrush, doorbell, love robot

See the New Tech Gadgets That Could Change Lives

Advancements unveiled at CES 2019, the consumer electronics trade show

Mild Flu Season

Flu Season Has Officially Arrived Around The Country

It's milder than last year, but experts warn not to skip the vaccine

Medical Breakthroughs

Person looking at a slide under a microscope

New Weapons in the Fight Against Cancer

CAR T-cell therapy, gene testing can help beat this deadly disease

A woman suffering from chronic neck and back pain

Ease the Suffering From Chronic Pain

Injections can help you deal with achy joints and migraine pain

A person with headphones in his ear to help treat tinnitus

New Treatments in Hearing, Vision Loss

Innovative medical breakthroughs can help people suffering from tinnitus, cataracts and more

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