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Recently Released

A Preview - "The Supreme Court 2019"

Legal advocacy is central to AARP Foundation’s mission. As such, we are proud to publish our annual preview of the upcoming U.S. Supreme Court term, commenting on cases that may have a significant impact on those 50 and older. AARP Foundation is counsel in Kleber v. CareFusion, an employment discrimination case for which we have petitioned for certiorari. AARP Foundation also will file amicus briefs in several of the cases reviewed. The 2019 term convenes on October 7.

high cost of prescription drugs

Advocating for Transparency on Television of Prescription Pricing

AARP Foundation's brief seeks to shred the shroud around prescription pricing thereby providing valuable information to consumers. Escalating prices can makes drugs unaffordable to many, and can impact the nation's long-term fiscal well-being.

AARP Foundation Legal Advocacy

AARP Foundation conducts legal advocacy through its litigating arm, AARP Foundation Litigation (AFL). AFL advocates for systemic change in federal and state courts nationwide to advance the legal rights and interests of people 50 and older, particularly low-income and vulnerable individuals. Through representation in significant cases and participation as amicus curiae (“friend of the court”), AFL addresses harmful, widespread practices or policies of industry, business, or government. AFL helps older people stay connected to their communities by tearing down barriers and establishing pathways to economic opportunity and social stability.

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Current Priorities

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ECONOMIC  OPPORTUNITY - AARP Foundation attorneys litigate on behalf of older adults to secure opportunities to generate income and to protect their assets. 

Earning - Create opportunities to earn a living

AFL defends the rights of older adults in cases involving hiring, promoting, and terminating in the workplace.

Saving - Protect savings and assets

AFL protects savers, investors, and consumers through legal advocacy concerning employee health and welfare benefits; pension benefits; and fraudulent, predatory, and discriminatory commercial practices (financial exploitation).


SOCIAL CONNECTEDNESS - AARP Foundation attorneys litigate to keep older adults connected with their loved ones, safe in their homes, and engaged in their communities.

Connecting - Promote elder justice

AFL combats the causes and consequences of social isolation, including protecting older adults from physical and emotional abuse, neglect, and exploitation. 

Housing - Improve the ability to age in place

AFL expands access to affordable, accessible, and healthy housing.

Other impactful efforts on behalf of vulnerable older adults

caring latino couple

Bruised Hands of Elderly Woman in Emergency Room

AARP Foundation Attorneys Vigorously Fight Many Facets of Elder Abuse in Nursing Facilities


"When Doctors Go Off Script," AARP Bulletin, Oct. 2019


On the Docket: Active in the Courts for You

Explore recent cases (in reverse chronological order of activity) in which AARP Foundation attorneys have filed, or that have been decided by the court.

Active Litigation Cases

Follow cases in which attorneys with AARP Foundation are engaged. The cases listed in this docket are in reverse chronological order of the filing or decision dates. 

Recent Amicus Cases

Read recently filed amicus briefs. The cases in this docket appear in reverse chronoloical order of the filing or decision dates. 

Case Highlights

photo foreclosure document

Hurricane Victim Fighting Back Against Foreclosure

As AARP Foundation and Puerto Rico Legal Services attorneys fight the mortgage foreclosure of Nélida Castillo, the Finance of America Reverse issues an apology. Learn more

woman opening door with key

Rights Restored for D.C. Nursing Facility Residents

The Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit reversed the trial court and remanded this Olmstead case. Now a class of approximately 1000 nursing facility residents wanting to live in their own homes with the same kind of medical services and supports as they receive in nursing facilities need D.C. to provide assistance. Read

personal privacy records

Yale University Sued Over Wellness Program

AARP Foundation filed a class action lawsuit against Yale University for violating both the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Genetic Information Nondiscrination Act (GINA) by requiring employees to participate in Yale's workplace wellness program or be charged $1,300 annually. Listen

cuts to promised pensions

Cuts to Promised Pension Payment Provoke Lawsuit

Seeking justice for promised pensions that were drastically reduced or completely cut, AARP Foundation along with others, filed suit on behalf of former employees. Learn more

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AARP Foundation earns a high rating for accountability from a leading charity evaluator. 

Eighty-one cents of every dollar we spend goes toward programs and services that help low-income older adults. We have met every one of the Better Business Bureau’s 20 Standards for Charity Accountability.