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9 Claims Auto Insurance May Not Cover

You need to know what surprising things may fall outside your insurance plan

5 Reasons You Shouldn't Buy a Convertible

That open-air, carefree feeling comes at a price that goes beyond money

It Might Be Dangerous to Rely on Your Car’s Technology

4 reasons you shouldn't skip traditional safe driving practices

Find your next safe car with the AARP Auto Buying Program

Find a car with safety features you want and get upfront pricing information.

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Find Out Whether an Electric Vehicle is Right for You

Register for AARP's interactive workshops to find out about battery charging, costs and more

How to Adjust Car Mirrors to Prevent Blind Spots

High-tech cameras help, but drivers should also rely on their eyes

AARP Driver Safety

Safer Driving Can Save You Money on Insurance Costs

Register for the AARP Smart Driver classroom course and you could save on auto insurance premiums

Video Spotlight

When Not to File a Claim

Find out when it might be a good time to skip filing for auto insurance.

Buying an RV for Retirement?

Here's what you need to know before you decide to head out on the open road

Tips to Get the Best Auto Loan

Just like cars, some loans are better deals than others. Learn how to get the best rate

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