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New cars at dealer showroom

New or Used Car? Use Depreciation as a Guide for Your Best Buy

Sometimes splurging on a new model might bring a bigger return

woman adjusting rear view mirror

Defensive Driving Refresh

Create a training regimen to keep yourself mentally, physically fit when driving less

mechanic wears a mask while working on a car

Tips for Finding an Auto Shop

How can you be assured your money has been well spent? Follow these guidelines

Park Avenue stands near empty during the coronavirus pandemic

Fewer Boomers Driving Daily

Most don't anticipate a quick return to their old road habits

Photo of male mechanic measuring the oil level of an engine at an auto shop

Modern Auto Maintenance

Vehicles have changed a lot since you started driving. Here's what you need to know

cars parked inside a dealership

Cars Are In High Demand

Dealer inventory is low and newer used cars also are in short supply

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couple car shopping at a dealership

You Can Save Money With AARP's Auto Buying Program

Celebrate the new year with a safer vehicle. See how the program works

woman driving a car

Safer Driving Can Save You Money

Register for the AARP Smart Driver online course and you could save on auto insurance!

Video Spotlight

Safety Features Here Now

The era right before autonomous cars is here. A lot of new vehicles have high-tech devices built in

Buying an RV for Retirement?

Here's what you need to know before you decide to head out on the open road

Tips to Get the Best Auto Loan

Just like cars, some loans are better deals than others. Learn how to get the best rate

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