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Ageless Desire: Relationships and Sex in Middle Age and Beyond

Americans 40+ continue to value intimacy with a partner later in life, but what that desire for intimacy looks like varies by age and gender.

Keeping Beauty Real: Media's Missed Opportunity?

Pressure to look young and beautiful is real for American women, but some are pushing back on those expectations as they age.

Ohio Small Business Owners Support a Retirement Saves Option for Workers

An AARP study found that Ohio business owners want policy makers to support legislation creating a public–private retirement savings option for workers.

AARP Vital Voices Research, 2022–2024

AARP Vital Voices Research explores the needs and interests of the 45+ population across the states.

AARP Vital Voices: Priority Issues for U.S. Women 45+

Women's views on their financial standing, security, and the future of American women 45-plus, as part of AARP Research's larger Vital Voices research.

Doctors, Specialists, and Medical Facilities Overpaid, Say Many Older Adults

Many U.S. adults age 50+ think doctors and medical facilities are overpaid and first responders and nurses are underpaid, found a recent AARP survey.

Older Adults Support Paid Leave for Workers

Three-quarters (76%) of older adults want Congress to expand paid leave for workers, including coverage for care of minor children and adults or friends.

The Cost of Giving: Family Caregivers' Mental Health

Caregiving strains mental health, especially for women and young adults, but provides a sense of purpose. Coping involves self-care and formal support.

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