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PPI staff members work collaboratively to explore solutions for problems facing older Americans that require multi-disciplinary consideration. These efforts support the following major initiatives.

Major Initiatives

Home Alone Alliance graphic

Home Alone Alliance℠

The Home Alone Alliance℠ is a partnership of public, private, and nonprofit sector organizations coming together to change the way health care organizations and professionals interface with family caregivers. The Home Alone Alliance℠ is dedicated to creating solutions geared towards supporting family caregivers.


State Retirement Savings Resource Center

The online State Retirement Savings Resource Center offers policy analysis and information to facilitate the establishment of state retirement savings plans. Many states are considering creating these plans to meet the needs of an estimated 55 million workers nationwide who have no access to retirement savings plans at work.

Livability Index

How livable is your community?

Nurse Attends To Her Patient, AARP Public Policy Institute, Champion Nursing Center

Center to Champion Nursing in America

An initiative of AARP, AARP Foundation, and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the center coordinates the Future of Nursing: Campaign for Action, a nationwide effort to transform health care through nursing, engaging a wide range of health care professionals, consumer advocates, policymakers, and the business, academic, and philanthropic communities.

Multi-ethnic workforce, AARP, Public Policy Institute, Future of Work @ 50 +

Future of Work@50+

Issues related to jobs, unemployment and work opportunity remain at the forefront of concern for many older Americans. The multiyear Future of Work@50+ project highlights where the problem areas lie and offers policy solutions to ensure that older Americans have access to quality job.

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Middle Class Security Project

The Middle Class Security Project explores American middle class well-being with a focus on prospects for financially secure retirement. Based on focus groups, statistical and qualitative analysis, and video interviews, the project shows many middle class Americans may be less secure in retirement than their parents.

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Long-Term Services and Supports Scorecard

A project of AARP, the Commonwealth Fund and the SCAN Foundation, the Long-Term Services and Supports Scorecard provides data on five key dimensions of state LTSS system performance: affordability and access; choice of setting and provider; quality of life and quality of care; support for family caregivers; and effective transitions. It assesses each state’s performance as a whole and on 26 individual indicators.

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