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The world of work is changing. How can workers adapt to the challenges of today and be prepared for the workplace of tomorrow? We are facing a new work reality. What trends define that reality? How can those who have lost their jobs find high-quality new jobs? What can we do about the persistent long-term unemployment that continues to affect older people?

Future of Work@50+ is a multiyear initiative that will discuss the problem areas, highlight what we have learned and, most important, suggest policy solutions to ensure that older Americans have access to good-quality jobs and develop the skills they need to retain or obtain them.

Program Highlights

Work Facts

What does the current employment landscape look like? How will it change in the future? Get the latest facts and figures about the changing U.S. workforce and issues facing older workers


Policy analysis, research and surveys on issues facing older workers


Information about upcoming and past events related to the Future of Work@50+ Project


What do experts have to say about the future of work? These opinion pieces present differing views on a variety of work topics


Resources about work and jobs from other areas of AARP

Connect With Us

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