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About AARP Public Policy Institute

The AARP Public Policy Institute (PPI) is the focal point of public policy research, analysis and development at AARP. Led by Senior Vice President Susan Reinhard, PPI develops creative policy solutions to address our common need for financial security, health care, and quality of life. Founded in 1985, PPI publishes policy analyses and provides updates on a range of topics, including current AARP priorities and emerging issues that  affect older adults now and in the future.

Additionally, PPI informs and inspires public debate on the issues we face as we age, frequently convening leading policy experts and other “think tanks” for discussion of key national and state policy matters. In addition, PPI provides critical analytical support for AARP advocacy efforts and campaigns.

PPI is also home to the Center to Champion Nursing in America, an initiative of AARP, the AARP Foundation and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The Center, a consumer-driven, national force for change, works to increase the nation’s capacity to educate and retain nurses who are prepared and empowered to positively impact health care access, quality, and costs.

PPI includes the following groups:

  • Office of the Senior Vice President
  • Strategic Initiatives
  • Financial Security
  • Health Security
  • Family, Home and Community
  • Center to Champion Nursing in America
  • Digital Communications/Policy Outreach

Long-Term Services & Supports State Scorecard

A State Scorecard on Long-Term Services and Supports for Older Adults, People with Physical Disabilities, and Family Caregivers


Livability Index

How livable is your community?

Leadership & Experts

PPI experts focus on a wide range of issues of concern to older Americans, from Social Security and Medicare to health reform, livable communities, consumer protection, long-term care, caregiving, financial security and more.

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Policy Teams

Financial Security

Financial Security analyzes and develops policies related to the economy and its impact on financial security, particularly security in retirement. Key research topics include Social Security, pensions, individual saving and management of  retirement assets, financial security for low income older Americans, tax policy and workplace flexibility, training and age discrimination. The team also focuses on marketplace practices and regulatory developments that affect financial services and consumer protection for older Americans.

Health Security

The Health Security Team conducts research and policy analysis, and brings together thought leaders to develop and advance AARP’s public policy agenda on health care. The team examines critical public policy issues that affect access to health care services, quality and safety, cost of care, and public health. Our goal is to foster sound and creative solutions that meet the health care challenges of an aging society, and to inform state and national policymakers, opinion leaders, researchers, program planners and administrators.

Family, Home and Community

Family, Home and Community focuses on expanding consumer access and choice to an array of affordable long-term care options, with an emphasis on improving home and community-based services, supporting family caregivers, and making communities more livable.


PPI Strategic Initiatives

The Strategic Initiatives group directs PPI outreach efforts and works with external partners and foundations on a range of projects designed to improve care and services available to older Americans. Learn more.


Digital Communications/Policy Outreach

The Digital Communications Team and Director of Policy Outreach work together to raise the visibility, thought leadership, and impact of PPI’s experts by developing communications strategies, promoting issue expertise, and publishing/disseminating PPI’s research, commentary, methodologies and analytics.

The Digital Communications Team is responsible for managing digital efforts across multiple platforms, including the PPI website, social media accounts, e-mail program, and blog. They work closely with the Director of Policy Outreach, who manages external relations, media production, and release events. 


Center to Champion Nursing in America

PPI is home to the Center to Champion Nursing in America — a joint initiative of AARP, AARP Foundation and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The center coordinates the Future of Nursing: Campaign for Action, a nationwide initiative to transform health care through nursing.

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For media inquiries, please contact the AARP Media Relations Office at (202) 434-2560 or



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Susan Reinhard is senior vice president and director of AARP Public Policy Institute. Read her latest blogs on family caregiving, healthy living, nursing and more. Read Susan's Blogs

AARP Public Policy Institute experts  blog about the issues they cover, from financial security and Medicare to livable communities and long-term services and supports. Read the latest.