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Jana Lynott, AICP, MA

Senior Strategic Policy Advisor

Jana Lynott, AICP, MA

Jana Lynott, AICP, MA

Areas of Expertise

Livable communities, transportation, and land use


Jana Lynott manages AARP’s transportation research agenda and is responsible for the development of policy related to transportation and other livable communities issues adopted by the AARP Policy Council and Board of Directors and presented in the AARP Policy Book. Her research focuses on human services transportation coordination, accessible street
design, the travel patterns of older adults, transit service needs, and older driver safety.

Jana was responsible for the development of AARP’s Livability Index, which was released in April 2015. This first-of-its-kind online tool is designed to help communities better serve an aging population. The index blends mapping technology, preference survey results,
quantitative measures, and public policies to measure how well a location—down to the neighborhood level—is meeting residents’ current and future needs. It uses a scoring system of 60 indicators spread across seven categories of livability: housing, neighborhood, transportation, environment, health, engagement, and opportunity.

Before her employment with AARP, Jana was director of transportation planning for the Northern Virginia Transportation Commission, where she designed and managed a groundbreaking study on the link between land use and the mobility of older adults. She also initiated and managed a travel instruction program to teach seniors how to use transit services.

As a land use and transportation planner, Jana brings practical expertise to the research field. She serves on her county transportation commission and on the Transportation Research Board’s Committee for Safe Mobility of Older Persons. She holds a master’s degree
in urban and environmental planning from the University of Virginia and a bachelor of arts in global studies from the University of Iowa.

In Her Words

“The [AARP Livability] Index is designed to show strengths and weaknesses in a community and, hopefully, leverage the resources to make change.” (J. Lynott, quoted in R. Eisenberg, “The Most Livable Cities in America,” Forbes, April 20, 2015)

Selected Publications