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See Aging Issues in a New Light. Discover Policy Solutions for Action.

Livable communities and housing…Family caregiving and long-term care…Retirement-saving solutions and Social Security…Medicare and prescription drug prices….

Issues that affect older adults are many, and the AARP Public Policy Institute understands how they all connect. Powered by that expertise, Policy Plus Action newsletter gives you the full aging-issue landscape so you stay informed on your areas of interest plus see how they interact other issues. Policy Plus Action is packed with the latest research, insights, and solutions from AARP’s leading think tank and those with whom it collaborates on issues that affect people as they age.

The newsletter’s name says it all. Designed for policymakers, peer subject matter experts, allied organizations, media members, and interested consumers, Policy Plus Action provides vital information to spark action. 


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AARP Public Policy Institute experts  blog about the issues they cover, from financial security and Medicare to livable communities and long-term services and supports. Read the latest.

Susan Reinhard is senior vice president and director of AARP Public Policy Institute. Read her latest blogs on family caregiving, healthy living, nursing and more. Read Susan's Blogs