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Getting Help With Faulty Appliances

A brand-new refrigerator spewed mystery fluid and rust

Burley: warranties


Purchasing an extended warranty will likely save you money on service costs; it's insurance in case, for instance, you have a faulty kitchen appliance.

En español | Quality costs more. That's what AARP member Sally Gutierrez, 66, thought when she paid some $1,400 for a new Frigidaire refrigerator. That's not how it worked out.

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From the day the fridge arrived, the Redondo Beach, Calif., resident had problems: Specks of rust and milky fluid appeared in the ice maker, the water dispenser leaked, and a fan failed. Despite repeated visits, warranty-covered technicians failed to fix things. Gutierrez was patient; she contacted Frigidaire directly, to no avail.

"They told me that rust is not covered in the warranty," she wrote to On Your Side. We reached out to Frigidaire with Gutierrez's woes. The company agreed to replace the unit, and a few weeks later, a delivery team arrived with a new refrigerator and hauled away the old one.

If you're in the market for a refrigerator, try these tips to make sure you don't lose your cool.

1. Keep it simple. Fancy accessories can fail.

2. Don't DIY. Refrigerators are fragile and should be moved only by professionals.

3. Get the warranty. A service call can cost as much as buying a year of extra service.

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