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The Aging Friendly Agenda


Traditionally, planning efforts focus on interventions that help individuals rather than the community in which that individual lives. Age-friendly planning efforts, however, focus on improving the physical and social environments that surround seniors in an effort to encourage independence and neighborhood interconnection. This webinar, organized by Kathy Sykes, Senior Advisor for Aging and Sustainability, focuses on six areas related to aging, specifically age-friendly sustainable communities: demographics of aging, growth and sprawl, smart growth, features of age-friendly communities, the EPA model, and taking action.

Key Points

Creating sustainable communities that are good for the environment and for the health of the community, particularly older residents, involves encouraging activity, connectivity, and engagement. Additionally, it is important to consider development and housing, transportation and mobility, and nutrition and health.

Other presentation highlights include:

  1. America is consuming land faster than our population is growing, which is resulting in an increase in CO2 emissions, a decrease in water quality, and a loss of habitat.
  2. Smart growth is growth that is “good for the economy, the community, public health, and the environment.”
  3. EPA aging initiative principles include social connectivity, eating healthy, accessible housing, and mobility.

How to Use

This presentation provides a great deal of resources for local planners and leaders focused on increasing the sustainability of their community. There is a list of supporting agencies and organizations to consider contacting, as well as case studies of areas that are building healthy communities for active aging that can serve as examples for other communities looking to do the same.

View full report: The Aging Friendly Agenda (PDF – 9.0 MB)

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