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AARP HomeFit Video: Entrances and Exits

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Whether a residence is a house or an apartment, its exterior doorways should allow a smooth transition into and out of the property. Many homes have entrance steps, which can make the dwelling inaccessible to a person who uses a wheelchair, relies on crutches or has difficulty climbing stairs. 

The ideal is for all homes to have at least one zero-step exterior doorway.

If step-free access isn’t possible for the front of the home, a side door, back door or door located inside the garage may be a suitable substitute. Another solution is a ramp. (Scroll down to learn more about that option.)


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On- and Off-Ramps

An access ramp can be permanently or temporarily added to a home or building that doesn’t have a zero-step entry.

A Look at Locks

Door Locks

AARP HomeFit Guide

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  • The Americans with Disabilities Act calls for a 5-degree incline or 1:12 slope. That means every inch of vertical rise requires 12 inches of horizontal length. 

  • Since a three-step entrance, for instance, is about 22 inches high, a ramp would require a 22-foot horizontal length. 

  • When an extended length of space isn’t available, a ramp can be built with switchbacks. Each section ends at a landing where users turn and continue moving up or down until the end.

TIP: A home ramp doesn’t need to be at the front door. It can lead to any suitable door, including one inside a garage, which provides the bonus of protection from inclement weather.

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