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Home Visit: Detached One-Story ADU

Decatur, Georgia | 800 square feet

One Story Detached ADU

Photo by Fredrik Brauer

Walt Drake’s Southern-style, one-bedroom ADU has an outdoor, wraparound porch that can be accessed without using steps. The design is in keeping with other buildings in the neighborhood.

Floor Plan by Kronberg Wall

Floor plan by Kronberg Wall

The one-bedroom ADU contains a living room, full bathroom, kitchen, dining area and screened porch.

When Walt Drake decided to downsize, his son Scott purchased his dad’s house for himself and his family and built a detached ADU (or DADU) for Walt.

“From not finding what we wanted for Dad, we decided to create it,” says Scott. “Neighborhoods built in the 1920s have carriage houses. Building an ADU was a modern day version of something people have been doing on their property in this area for a hundred years.” 

NEAR AND FAR: “We wanted the houses to be separate and to feel like we’re each on our own property, but we’re there for each other,” says Scott.

AGING-FRIENDLY: Building the ADU meant Walt didn’t have to sell his home and leave his neighborhood. “He was able to keep his own stuff and turn over what he didn’t need to us,” says Scott. “It kept my dad in place, which I think was important.”

FUTURE PLANS: Scott says the ADU is “serving its intended purpose” but that someday down the road it could be used as a long- or short-term rental. “The ADU could turn into lots of different things over the course of its lifetime.”

Design: Adam Wall, Kronberg Wall
Builder: Rob Morrell
Cost to build: $350,000 in 2014

Article adapted from “ADU Case Studies” by Lina Menard on and The ABCs of ADUs by AARP.
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