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Where Are My Keys?

New tracking devices mean you may never lose your keys (or your glasses) again

tracking devices tile and Ping GPS


Both the Tile (left) and the Ping (right) help you track easily lost items like keys, glasses and remote controls.

Imagine a world where your items never go missing. No more digging through your purse or bag wondering what you did with your car keys or glasses. No more tearing apart your couch wondering which abyss swallowed the remote control.

Those days are already here.

According to an article published in the Washington Post, several companies are trying to put the lost and found out of commission. One common theme?  Bluetooth: The same technology that wirelessly ties your phone to speakers and other gizmos could keep you from losing important items like your wallet, your laptop or your glasses.

Tile devices can be attached to your remote, car keys or laptop. Once you hook one on your key chain, the device sends a signal to your phone if it’s within the 100-foot Bluetooth range, then plays a loud sound until you find it. If it’s outside that zone, it will show you the last place and time the app tracked that item. The cost of an individual Tile starts at around $20.

Some folks, like those traveling away from home, may need more than a 100-foot radius. The Ping, which goes for around $99 and is smaller than a Tile, uses cellular and GPS instead of using Bluetooth, which could give it a nearly unlimited range.

“I thought, ‘What if there was a very small, super-simple device that can locate anything or anyone quickly and easily, anywhere in the world?’“ Ping GPS cofounder and President Josh Lippiner told the Post., a start-up company out of California, offers a $149 wallet with Bluetooth that connects with your smartphone. The wallet sends an alert to your smartphone once it goes out of range from the device. The company makes similar sensors for passports and key chains.

And Fetch Eyewear is launching a new line of glasses embedded with a Bluetooth sensor that alerts your phone if your glasses are more than 20 yards away. The price starts at $185.

“Many people struggle to keep track of their glasses, even at home,” company founder Ann Sacks told the Post.

With all of this connected technology, one thing is clear: better not lose your smartphone.

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