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Kick-Start Your Fitness With a Rockette

Try this holiday workout to relieve tension and keep muscles limber

The Rockettes demonstrate stretches for your fitness routines

Courtesy the Rockettes

While you may not be dancing your way through your day, you can learn how to stretch from the pros.

With at least two shows per day — 300 eye-high kicks per show — the workload of a Rockette during the holiday season is intense. Traci Reszetylo, a 16-year veteran of the dance troupe, shared some tips on how she stays loose for the rigors of the Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall, as well as how you can apply them to your routine.

Rockettes fitness

Zohar Lazar

1. Preshow (morning prep)

Lower-back stretch: Sit with your right leg extended out and your left one drawn in to your inner thigh. Lean down and grab your right leg with both hands. Keep your back straight. Reach as far as you can. Alternate legs. This helps prevent pain you feel from sitting too long.

Rockettes fitness

Zohar Lazar

2. Costume change (lunchtime workout)

Calf stretch: Place both hands on a wall or counter. Place your right leg forward with your knee bent; stretch back your left leg, keeping your full foot on the floor. Alternate legs. This limbers up your calf muscles and is beneficial before and after walking or running. 

Rockettes fitness

Zohar Lazar

3. Post-show (evening at home)

Shoulder-neck stretch: Grab a towel and drape it over that arm's shoulder. Use your other hand to grab the towel from behind. Pull gently in opposite directions while bending your head and neck away from the towel. Switch sides. This relieves neck tension. 

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