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Disrupt Dementia

Sparking bold new solutions for the world's brain health crisis

Medicare Limits Coverage of New Alzheimer’s Drug Aduhelm

Covers beneficiaries enrolled in clinical trials


Why You Shouldn't Avoid Talking to Your Doctor if You Have Concerns About Dementia

New AARP research suggests stigma clouds our understanding of cognitive health


Can Ultrasound Treat Alzheimer’s?

Researchers are studying how the technology can impact dementia and the brain

5 Exercises That Can Keep Your Brain Sharp

Physical activity can boost memory, improve thinking, even lower dementia risks

A Journalist With Alzheimer’s Shares His Journey on Film

Meet the man behind the inspiring documentary ‘Have You Heard About Greg?’

How Menopause Messes With Your Brain

Research builds on how menopause affects brain health

Why Dementia Can Be Different for Latinos

Certain signs and symptoms disproportionately impact Hispanics, new research suggests

Take Control of Your Brain Health With Staying Sharp

Our program uses the latest science to help strengthen your brain and sharpen your memory

Could COVID-19 Increase Your Risk of Dementia?

A new global study of more than 40,000 coronavirus patients aims to find out

6 Conditions That Can Look Like Dementia

Medications, infections and sleep issues can cause you to feel foggy or confused

Look to the Global Council on Brain Health for Trusted Info

Get the latest scientific insights about what older adults can do to maintain their brain health

Supporting Family Caregivers

What Is My Loved One With Dementia Feeling?

Employing different strategies to help communicate may ease some worries

Memory Cafes Offer Activities for People With Dementia

Meeting spots provide comfortable spaces for caregivers and their loved ones

12 Tips for Traveling With a Loved One Who Has Dementia

A daughter plans a family vacation with her dad's Alzheimer's in mind

'Moonlight Sonata' Director on Dementia, Deafness and Hope

Irene Taylor Brodsky's documentary reveals her dad's Alzheimer's challenges and her deaf son's triumph

Banish Caregiver Burnout by Keeping Loved Engaged

Find tasks and activities to make those with memory challenges feel useful

Caregivers Confront the Stigma of Dementia

Help family and friends have better understanding of the illness

Video Spotlight

white line

Giving an African American Face to Alzheimer’s

Brian wants to raise awareness of the increased Alzheimer's risk for African Americans

How to Care for Someone With Dementia

Sanjay Gupta, neurosurgeon and CNN chief medical correspondent, provides tips

Dementia Doesn’t Stop This Travel Enthusiast

Laurie is an avid adventurer fighting dementia. Find out how she overcomes everyday obstacles