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Image of AARP President Jo Ann Jenkins with flower in the background.

AARP Invests $60 Million To Fund Research for Dementia

CEO Jo Ann Jenkins on the urgent need for breakthroughs and our commitment to finding a cure

Father and daughter walking in the woods

5 Things I’m Glad I Did for My Dad With Alzheimer’s Disease

As a caregiver the choices are many. Here are a few tips that worked for one family

Woman getting a brain scan.

The Next Wave of Brain Research and Treatment

Using the venture capital model, the Dementia Discovery Fund supports innovative approaches

Worried older man.

Memory Loss: The Everyday Clues That Merit a Doctor Visit

A leading brain health expert shares the warning signs of dementia

Senior woman with puzzle. Medical professional observing her.

What Being a Woman Means for Your Dementia Risk 

Alzheimer's is different for women. Or so say several recent studies


A generic can of diet cola on a wooden table.

What's Raising Your Chances of Getting Alzheimer's? 

From better diet choices to addressing isolation, there are dementia risk factors you take action on now

Doctor and mature patient talking and looking at a digital tablet.

Dementia vs. Alzheimer’s: Which Is It?

How to understand the difference -- and why it is so important

Close up of a hand writing on a prescription pad.

Treatment Options: Why Early Diagnosis is Key

There's no cure and current medicines are limited, but researchers believe they could work better

Supporting Family Caregivers

Hands of a male caregiver providing medication to someone.

Need Help Caring For a Loved One With Dementia?

Our care guide offers tips and tools for the unique challenges of dementia caregiving

Changing Roles Caregiving, Veney Family

"There’s not one thing wrong with my mother but dementia"

A daughter makes sure her mother stays active and engaged

Woman reading on a laptop, drinking coffee.

Don’t Go it Alone: Connect with Other Caregivers

Join our online community for advice, practical solutions or just a shoulder to cry on

Changing Roles Caregiving, Garcia Family

"I’m not sure how I do it all while having a full-time job”

A young mother works and takes care of her mother’s basic needs

Young woman consoling depressed mature woman.

Handling the Other Symptoms of Dementia

The challenge of treating things like sleeplessness and anger — for caregivers and doctors alike 

Changing Roles Caregiving, Smalls Family

"Knowing that I’m doing what I can makes me feel good"

Keeping track of the little things is a big job for one caregiver

Video Spotlight

white line

Giving an African American Face to Alzheimer’s

Brian wants to raise awareness of the increased Alzheimer's risk for African Americans

Jane Krakowski Opens up About Her Father's Dementia

The actor hopes that her late father’s story will bring comfort to others and promote further research

Dementia Doesn’t Stop This Travel Enthusiast

Laurie is an avid adventurer fighting dementia. Find out how she overcomes everyday obstacles

Staying Sharp

Mature women running

Calling All Couch Potatoes: Another Reason to Get Moving

Study shows a strong association between fitness in middle age and brain health

Various healthy foods in pattern on blue

Bring on the Veggies! Eating Healthy is Good for Your Brain

AARP Global Council on Brain Health finds that nutrition and mental sharpness go hand in hand

Blue mechanical blood pressure gauge on a light blue background.

New Blood Pressure Tipping Point for Dementia

Research shows lower systolic blood pressure helps preserve your brain

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