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woman sitting on the sofa while talking with her doctor over a laptop.

The Patient's Step-by-Step Guide to Telehealth

Here's how to make the technology work for you and get ready for your virtual doctor's visit



Telehealth concept

AARP Answers: Telehealth and the Coronavirus

How to connect with a medical professional and get care from home

Doctor sitting at desk writes notes as she holds up her phone as she video chats with a patient

Telemedicine's Newfound Popularity May Be Here to Stay

Will physicians decide that they can handle in-person and virtual visits after this is over?

woman consulting doctor on her laptop  holds up her hand for doctor

New Patients Share Their Real Virtual Experiences

'It did feel like we were eye to eye. It was so much more personal and relational than a phone call.'


Telehealth Offers Big Benefits, Especially to Those at Risk

Checking in with a doctor online limits possibility of coronavirus exposure, and Medicare covers it

 woman with tablet pc during an online consultation with her doctor in her living room

Medicare Expands Telehealth Services During Outbreak

Phone and video conferencing make doctor visits possible during coronavirus

Speciality Care

A patient talks to a doctor by videoconferencing using a digital tablet

Tech Could Provide Faster Care for Neurologic Disorders

Video calls help provide patients with quicker care in a field short on specialists

Close-up of woman with cell phone and toothbrush

Apps Make Dental Care More Affordable and Convenient

Snap a photo and get a virtual exam from the comfort of your home

doctor sits at desk in front of large computer screen showing a woman sitting in a chair

Teletherapy On the Rise During the Pandemic

Therapists take calls from anxious older clients as Medicare coverage expands

AARP Explains Video Calling

Apple's FaceTime

Facebook Messenger


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