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AARP Mental Health Center

12 Celebrities Who've Had Depression

Dolly Parton, Jim Carrey, Bruce Springsteen and more share their stories


Mental Health and COVID-19

6 Things to Know About Bipolar Disorder

Millions of adults in the U.S. have this mental illness, but it's often misunderstood

Coronavirus Blues or Clinical Depression?

Don't be reluctant to seek help if your low mood becomes hard to bear

COVID Survivors Face PTSD and Anxiety

After hospital ICU stays, older patients are prone to long-term problems

How to Bounce Back From the Stress of the Coronavirus

Crises that cause anxiety can harm your health or help you build resilience

Teletherapy During the Pandemic

Therapists take calls from anxious older clients as Medicare coverage expands

Family Caregiving

Assessing an Older Adult's Psychological Needs

Be alert to persistent irritability, low energy, sleeplessness and other signs of depression

Caregiving for Someone With Mental Illness

My father's suicide is teaching me how to be a mental health advocate

Adjusting to a New Normal After Trauma or Illness

How family members and other caregivers can cope with feelings of 'ambiguous loss'


Chronic Anxiety Is Troubling But Treatable

There's help when worry begins to interfere with your ability to perform everyday tasks

This Is What a Panic Attack Feels Like

6 people share their stories of their symptoms and how they've learned to cope

Many Adults Are Living With ADHD — Are You?

What to know about the often-misunderstood disorder

Therapy and Coping

What to Know if You're Ready to Give Meditation a Try

A beginner's guide to quieting the mind when anxiety takes hold

How to Find the Right Therapist For You

Whether your mental health needs feel pandemic-specific or not, help is available

7 Reasons You May Need Marriage Therapy

Couples therapists can help with relationship tune-ups and serious repairs

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