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AARP Mental Health Center

Advice from Dr. Ruth: Stay Positive to Get Through the Pandemic

7 ideas to stay mentally healthy as you navigate normal



Decide What Kind of Therapy Is Right for You

Consider a range of therapeutic approaches

A Low-Stress, Beginner’s Guide to Meditation

Tips for overcoming common frustrations

Understanding What Suicide Ideation Means

Know the warning signs and how to get help

Having Trouble Finding a Therapist? You're Not Alone

Mental health professionals struggle to meet demand

Test Your Mental Health a Year Into the Pandemic

Symptoms of anxiety and depression have risen


Chronic Anxiety Is Troubling But Treatable

There's help when worry begins to interfere with your ability to perform everyday tasks

This Is What a Panic Attack Feels Like

6 people share their stories of their symptoms and how they've learned to cope

Many Adults Are Living With ADHD — Are You?

What to know about the often-misunderstood disorder

6 Things to Know About Bipolar Disorder

Millions of adults in the U.S. have this mental illness, but it's often misunderstood

12 Celebrities Who've Have Battled Depression

Dolly Parton, Jim Carrey, Bruce Springsteen and more share their stories

Family Caregiving

Assessing an Older Adult's Psychological Needs

Be alert to persistent irritability, low energy, sleeplessness and other signs of depression

Caregiving for Someone With Mental Illness

My father's suicide is teaching me how to be a mental health advocate

Adjusting to a New Normal After Trauma or Illness

How family members and other caregivers can cope with feelings of 'ambiguous loss'

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