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AARP Coronavirus Tele-Town Halls

Experts answer your questions related to COVID-19

Join us for two special live events on May 20:

Coronavirus Vaccines: Transitioning Social and Family Norms
Thursday at 1 p.m. ET

Coronavirus Vaccines: Reality vs. Rumor
Thursday at 7 p.m. ET

1 p.m. ET – Coronavirus Vaccines: Transitioning Social and Family Norms

Call toll-free 855-274-9507 to ask a question or listen to the live event here.

While new COVID-19 cases have fallen to their lowest levels since September, many people are still hesitant to get a shot. This live Q&A event will address your questions and concerns about the vaccines and how to stay safe in public, social and family circles as things begin to open up across the country.

Meet the Experts:

  • Lindsey Gottlieb, MD
    Director of Infection Prevention,
    Mount Sinai Morningside

  • Warren P. Hebert, Jr., DNP, RN
    Nursing Professor, Loyola University of New Orleans,
    CEO, HomeCare Association of Louisiana

  • Virginia Caine, MD
    Director and Chief Medical Officer,
    Marion County (IN) Public Health Department
    Associate Professor of Medicine,
    Indiana University School of Medicine,
    Division of Infectious Diseases

7 p.m. ET -- Coronavirus Vaccines: Reality vs. Rumor (video stream available)

Call toll-free 855-274-9507 to ask a question or listen to the live event here.

COVID-19 misinformation and fraud can fuel fear and skepticism. This live Q&A event will expose the latest vaccine scams, help you distinguish fact from fiction, and tell you where to go for help.

Meet the Experts:

  • Joan Lunden
    Best-Selling Author and TV Host

  • Lipi Roy, M.D.
    Medical Director,
    COVID Isolation and Quarantine Sites,
    Housing Works, New York City,
    Forbes Contributor,
    Former MSNBC and NBC News Medical Contributor
  • Alex Mahadevan
    Senior Multimedia Reporter,

  • Amy Nofziger
    Director, AARP Fraud Helpline  

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