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Six Pillars of Brain Health – Expert Interviews

Watch these on-demand videos featuring tips and insights from brain health experts.

Practice these six pillars for better brain health and "BE MORE”

Pillars of Brain Health

Pillar 1: Be Social – Stay Socially Engaged to Support Your Brain Health

Key points:

  • Keep in Touch with Friends and Family
  • Social Opportunities Are Outside Your Front Door
  • Consider Adding a Pet to Your Life
  • Don’t Let Yourself Get Isolated
  • COVID-19 Adds Risks for the Homebound
  • Social Media Has Social Value – To a Point
  • Helping Other Helps You, Too
  • Social Bonds Pay Off Throughout Life

Pillar 2: Engage Your Brain – Find Ways to Stimulate Your Brain

Key points:

  • Pick Mental Activities You Enjoy
  • Exercise Your Muscles – and Your Brain
  • Explore New Interests
  • Tip: Work with a Teacher or Partner
  • Challenge Yourself to Improve Skills
  • You Don’t Need to Wait
  • And Remember to Have Fun

Pillar 3: Manage Stress – Reduce Your Stress, Boost Your Brain Health

Key points:

  • You Can Conquer Your Stress
  • A Stable Daily Schedule Promotes Calm
  • Physical Activity Can Ease Stress
  • Social Ties Boost Positive Feelings
  • Stay Tuned in to Your Stress Level
  • Laughter Keeps Balance in Your Life

Pillar 4: Ongoing Exercise – Exercise Helps Your Brain at Any Age

Key points:

  • What Kinds of Exercise are Best
  • How Exercise Helps Your Brain 
  • Exercise supports memory, reasoning, problem solving, attention
  • Do Anything That Gets Your Body to Move
  • Pick an Activity You Enjoy
  • Physical Activity Boosts Mental Well-Being
  • How Much Exercise Do I Need?

Pillar 5: Restorative Sleep – Restful Sleep Makes Your Brain Work Better

Key points:

  • Make Sleep a Priority
  • You Pay a Mental Price for Lack of Sleep
  • Four Cardinal Rules for Good Sleep
  • Restful Sleep Helps Your Brain Work Better
  • Save Your Worries for Daytime

Pillar 6: Eat Right – Eating Healthy Is Good for Your Brain 

Key points:

  • Wise Food Choices Can Protect Your Brain
  • Go Light on Certain Foods
  • Be an Informed Consumer
  • Take Control of Your Diet
  • Do’s and Don’ts for a Brain-Healthy Diet