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Brian Austin Green on the New '90210'

The musically inclined 'Beverly Hills, 90210' star explains his new life and meta '90210' reboot

spinner image Brian Austin Green stars in 'BH90210.' The highly anticipated new six-episode event series, will premiere Wednesday, Aug. 7 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

After nearly 20 years, Brian Austin Green returns to his old zip code in the new BH90210. It premieres Aug. 7 at 9 p.m. ET on Fox. Green, who played David Silver for 10 years, tells AARP why he never expected to return there, and where he's at in life today.

What's the 2019 BH90210 show about?

We — playing the actors from Beverly Hills, 90210 — go to a 30-year reunion, and we decide to do a reboot of the show. So BH90210 is a show within a show within a show. It's like Curb your Enthusiasm, with real Seinfeld creator Larry David, but that's not his house or his office or his wife. That's been embellished. He's playing a heightened version of himself. We're all heightened versions of our real selves, so it's our characters doing a reboot of the show. It's like those Russian nesting dolls: “Oh look, there's another.” And you go, “There can't be another one.” And then you open it up and there's another doll.

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Does the cast still feel bonded?

You have all the history with the people, but you have a wife and kids now, so you have more in common. It only strengthens the connection.

Why isn't it filmed in Beverly Hills?

At first I was, like, “You can't shoot BH90210 in Vancouver!” I was all cocky. But then I realized we shot 90210 for 10 years in Van Nuys — zip code 91403. They shot CSI:NY on the L.A. Paramount lot. That's the magic of Hollywood. They can make any place seem like any place.

Was it like summer camp, as Ian Ziering [BH90210 's Steve Sanders] claims?

We all complain about being in Vancouver. But the reality is that we wouldn't have the connection that we have now doing the show in L.A. Because at the end of the day, we would just go home to our families. We are forced, in a really enjoyable way, to have dinner with each other and go on walks.

How did the death of 90210's Luke Perry in March affect you?

There's a hole for us as actors doing the show; there's a hole for us as people. There are amazing memories. It's really hard to realize we won't get to speak to him again. On some days, it's really hard. You can speak about him sometimes and cry, and sometimes you don't. It hits you in waves. I'm so grateful that I had him in my life because he was special.

What's it like being married to Megan Fox?

She just keeps me on my toes. There are days when you're, like, “I don't want to work out today.” But that doesn't mean you shouldn't. It just means you're not in the right headspace. My wife pushes me with my relationships, with the kids, with my health. She's so inspirational. I want to stay as young and attractive as I can for her. She deserves to be with someone she's attracted to.

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How does it feel to be approaching 50?

My metabolism has changed. I can't just eat whatever I want anymore. Megan has made me aware of gluten, dairy. There are things we have to be aware of now that we didn't have to be aware of then. Things evolve and change, and you have to evolve with them. You have to pay attention to what the new studies are. You have to do your research. We have a trainer. We deal with weights and a lot of cardio work. I want to be able to have fun and climb with my kids and my wife, and swim and play and not feel out of breath. I want to stay on top of it as long as I can.

Your 90210 character is musical — does music run in your family?

When I was born, my dad was a country-western drummer touring with Glen Campbell. When you're touring, you're making good money. When you're not, the money goes down. He's still a drummer. I have a studio at home. I do it for me. I haven't really made any money from One Stop Carnival [his 1996 hip-hop album]. When I started doing 90210, my dad was my manager and my mother was my business manager. So they made really good money because I was making good money. Now he can play drums with whatever bands he wants. The house is paid off. They have money in the bank. They are really blessed that way.

You joined 90210 at 17. Would you let your son start an acting career?

My 17-year-old [Noah, with 90210 costar Vanessa Marcil] loves acting. Ian was, like, “Let him know that you'll totally support him as long as he has a plan B.” God, I didn't have a plan B. I've been acting since I was 9. I had to finish high school and then I was on 90210.

Where will you go when you quit acting?

I was born and raised in North Hollywood. My wife and my family and I really love Hawaii, but that's more a retirement plan.

You have no post- 90210 job lined up — are you worried?

I've pretty much worked regularly since 90210 — seven other shows. These things I never would have seen coming. Megan and I had just gotten married, and I got a call: “Marc Cherry wants to meet with you.” The creator of Desperate Housewives. I never in a million years would have seen that coming. I did that show for a year and a half.

Besides acting, what are you good at?

I like to think I'm mediocre at a bunch of things instead of really good at one. Handy around the house, good with electronics and computers. If you need a plumber, hire a plumber. But I can figure out a leak in a pipe and fix it. I'm not the best piano player, but I grew up playing it. I wouldn't take anyone's money. I'm getting into gardening. I'm really interested in what helps things grow, and what is important. All these things, as my life slows down a little bit, that you don't take for granted.

What's the worst thing about parenthood?

There's a place called the Craft Bar. I'm so happy it's there and not at my house. I'm a bit OCD. Glitter to me is one of the worst inventions ever. It stays in your home for weeks, if not months. I go to work and people say, “There's glitter on your cheek.” Glitter shows up everywhere: on your cheeks, on your eyeballs, inside my nose, it finds its way everywhere.

What's your mantra for life?

"Luck is preparation meets opportunity.” That's been true for me.

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