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10 Cold-Weather Beauty and Grooming Tips for All

Bid bye-bye to itchy winter scalp and flaky, dry skin

A woman is applying hand cream outside in snowy weather

Biserka Stojanovic/iStock/Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

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It’s nearly March but with the grumpy groundhog, erratic weather and visions of Olympians snug in their Ralph Lauren parkas it seems winter is never-ending. We’ve been amping up our moisturizer, lip balm, body lotion and hand cream for months now. So how come our hands and lips are dry as croutons, our legs flaky as chalk dust and our hair crunchy as tea leaves? Let’s step up to the challenge. Here are 10 ways to beat the big chill:

Lois Joy Johnson is a beauty and style editor who focuses on women 50 and older. She was the beauty and style editor at Ladies’ Home Journal and a founding editor of More magazine. She has written three books: The Makeup Wakeup, The Wardrobe Wakeup and The Woman's Wakeup.