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10 Ways to Freshen Grownup Eyes

Give tired-looking eyes a boost with these easy tips

A woman wearing an eye mask looks into a vanity mirror

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How many times have you recently thought, heard or said: “You look tired”? I’m betting it’s a lot. Blame your eyes. They’re two gossips that can’t help spreading the word about your insomnia, allergies, last night’s extra cocktail, bag of chips or weep-inducing Netflix movie. And as if the mirror wasn’t bad enough, Zoom and FaceTime display our bags, crow’s feet and dark circles for all to see. Not to worry. Here are 10 things that will restore the twinkle in no time. 

Lois Joy Johnson is a beauty and style editor who focuses on women 50 and older. She was the beauty and style editor at Ladies’ Home Journal and a founding editor of More magazine. She has written three books: The Makeup Wakeup, The Wardrobe Wakeup and The Woman's Wakeup.