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11 Styles of Tops You Need to Own Now

Looking good from the waist up has never been more fashionable

A woman shopping in clothes shop comparing two tops on coathangers

FlairImages/iStock/Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

No sensible woman likes splurging on summer clothes. We figure that “it's a short season.” So how come we're all snapping up new tees, blouses and shirts this year?

Blame five reasons that we can all relate to: looking good on Zoom and FaceTime is a waist-up deal (no one knows you're in old leggings either); a standout top stands out in a crowd (it's easy to lose your individuality wearing a mask 24/7, right?); we gain weight when stressed, and it goes right to our chest and belly; we stained last year's tees eating pasta and drinking wine in isolation; and last but not least: It's hot! These top 10 tops will get you through anything.