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10 Better Ways to Do Grownup Eye Makeup

Simple tips for making your peepers really pop over that face mask

A view through a bathroom cabinet of a woman applying mascara

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A few years ago, lots of women 50-plus started wearing “statement” glasses or bolder lipstick as an alternative to eye makeup, which frankly had become a pain in the neck to do every day. Aside from big deal events and parties, who had the time or incentive? Besides our eyes had changed. They are now crepey, puffier or deeper set and our skill set wasn't exactly pro level. Then COVID-19 and masks arrived, and eye makeup once again lured us. But how do we deal with makeup on aging eyes? I asked legendary makeup artist Sandy Linter (who has created eye drama for everyone from Jackie O to Bette Midler to Christie Brinkley) for her tips and added a few beauty editor suggestions of my own:

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