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Beauty Checklist for Your 50s

Four simple beauty tips to boost your look and your confidence

With an endless supply of new products and services flooding the market, it's hard to determine which beauty boosters to use — and when to use them. Here's a breakdown by decade, starting with your 50s:

Long, full bangs camouflage lines

Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Actor Laura Dern's swooping bangs soften her forehead.

Pick bangs or Botox

The "11s" are vertical lines between the brows that make us appear angry and stressed 24/7. A syringe of botulinum toxin (Botox) freezes furrows smooth and lasts three to four months before a touch-up. Long, full bangs camouflage the lines forever. You choose.

Use sunscreen daily


Use broad-spectrum SPF 30+ daily

Aging UVA rays go right through glass, clouds, smog and cold weather. Simplify your daily routine with an SPF 30+ moisturizer under makeup, and wear hard-core sunscreen for longer outdoor activities.

Use a pre- and post-makeup primer

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Chill hot flashes with primers and dry shampoo

Use a pre- and post-makeup primer to control meltdown, and retouch shiny spots without cakey powder or a redo. Carry tote travel-size dry shampoo spray, and mist a sweaty scalp and roots to prevent post-flash frizz or flatness, especially around the hairline.

Make retinol your nightcap

Christine Glade/Getty Images

Make retinol your nightcap

Vitamin A is proven to reverse sun damage, prevent new wrinkles — and prevent adult acne breakouts. In prescription form it's known as Renova, but the over-the-counter derivative, retinol (in serum, oil or cream formulas) does the job with less irritation. Just do it.

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