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spinner image Anthony Perkins and Janet Leigh on the set of Psycho
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How Well Do You Know 'Psycho'?

Test your knowledge of America's scariest movie (celebrating its 60th anniversary) with this creepy quiz
10 Questions

Sixty years ago, Alfred Hitchcock shocked America with Psycho, which did for showers what Jaws would later do for swimming in the ocean. Psycho, featuring Janet Leigh as the ill-fated Marion Crane and Anthony Perkins as Norman Bates, has lost none of its power to terrify. We've scared up some questions to see how well you know Hitch's horror classic. Spoilers abound, so do not take this quiz if you haven't seen the film. Mother would not approve!

How Well Do You Know 'Psycho'?

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How Well Do You Know 'Psycho'?

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