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Tony Hawk Has No Plans to Slow Down

The skateboarding pioneer talks about parenting, video games and his New Year's resolution

Tony Hawk performing a jump on a skateboard

Brent Humphreys

Tony Hawk

Holiday in Place

Travel is our big holiday tradition. Last year the whole family was in Costa Rica, driving around in ATVs, up into the forest. Swimming in waterfalls. Visiting towns. We'll do it again, but we all have to be OK with waiting until things get back to normal.

Play It Forward

Our recent remaster with Activision of my Pro Skater 1 and 2 video games has the same old-school tricks, though with insane new features. I was playing with my son the other night and had to show him how to get the high-score challenges. The old man's still got it!

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A close-up of skateboarding legend Tony Hawk wearing a helmet

Brent Humphreys

"If I was a kid and saw me now, I'd think, Wow, that's pretty cool — he's still doing it! Awesome!

—Tony Hawk, 52

Let Kids Be Kids

It's a fine line between parenting and being overbearing. I've tried to let my four kids find their own limitations. That's tough. One of my kids didn't care if he got hurt. In his 20s, he's still a daredevil, though he's finally developed a sense of mortality.

Skate On

When I was a pro in my 20s and 30s, people asked, “How long can you do this?” As I got into my 40s, it almost became an insult: “Still skating?” After 50, I kinda broke through — nobody my age has this career. Now it's, like, “Holy s--t! I can't believe you can do that!"

Be Fearless

I've had surgery on both knees, broken my elbow, broken my pelvis, dislocated my fingers, had countless stitches. I've never let those things stop me, and in certain technical ways, I'm getting better.

Bring on 2021

New Year's resolution: Stay in shape without relying on skating alone. All these pandemic takeout meals have added a few extra pounds. Stress eating is real!

—As told to David Hochman

Tony Hawk’s nonprofit Skatepark Project has built some 600 skate parks to promote exercise and raise self-esteem.

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