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Quick Bed Sheet Change

Create layers for a quick fresh bed

Playing Card Holder

A simple pool noodle can help handle cards

Streamline Grocery Shopping

Bring a cooler to knock out two trips in one

Create Easy-to-Reach Clothes

Hook hangers for an easier reach from a wheelchair

Laundry Basket on Wheels

Reduce back strain and make laundry easier

Use Sticky Notes as Reminders

Remember tasks by putting notes around the house

Hear Exactly what the Doctor Ordered

Can't attend an appointment? Record the doctor and playback when convenient

Share Your Ideas

Do you have certain tricks up your caregiver sleeve that make everyday tasks a bit easier? Share your creative, low-cost, DIY (Do it Yourself) tips, hacks and time savers. If it works for you — it might work for others! Use the email link below to submit a brief description and, if applicable, a photo for reference. View AARP's Terms of Service.

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