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hospice worker wearing mask and gloves taking care of older patient wearing gloves

Hospice During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Dying at home with COVID-19 should be an option for older adults, hospices stand ready to help


Computer image of a coronavirus

What You Need to Know About the Coronavirus

How to prepare and tips to stay healthy

Outside of a nursing home entrance

Nursing Homes Ordered to Disclose COVID-19 Cases

Residents, family members to be notified of outbreaks

Woman and her daughter cleaning surfaces to disinfect against the coronavirus

Clear-Cut Steps for Caregivers Worried About Exposure

Having an action plan in place can help quell anxiety

An in-home caregiving aide taking her patients temperature to screen him for the coronavirus

What to Ask When Your Home Health Aide Makes a Visit

Should you continue visits? Yes, but use caution

Close up of the hands of a woman laying in a nursing home hospital bed

New Rules for Visiting Nursing Home Residents Near Death

Restrictions alter end-of-life rituals

Nurse sitting at desk and answering phone

Questions to Ask if Your Loved One Is in a Quarantined Facility

What you need to know if a facility locks down


Woman sitting at her kitchen table writing in a journal

How Always-On Caregivers Can Keep Spirits High

Shift your mindset and focus on the positive

Portrait of mature businessman with closed eyes

7 Ways to Deal With the Anxiety and Uncertainty

Fear of the unknown is a trigger. Here's how to cope

Woman in a nursing home video chatting with her grandaughter

Ways to Boost Your Loved One's Morale From Afar

Out of sight doesn't have to be out of mind

Mildred Hoxie with her daughter Margaret Kaplan. A birthday balloon is behind them

How Mom, 93; Daughter Are Handling Separation

Trying to avoid loneliness in assisted living

Couple video chatting with a digital tablet

Coping with Isolation During the Pandemic

Practical advice on staying connected

Local Resources and Solutions

Find caregiving resources, solutions and support close to you or your loved one's home


Alzheimer’s and Dementia

A man and woman sitting at home

Dementia: Warning Signs for Family Caregivers

Early indicators that your loved one may have Alzheimer’s or dementia

Home Safety Tips for People With Dementia

Making a Home Safe for Loved Ones with Dementia

Evaluate your living space and determine what changes need to be made

Sundown Syndrome

10 Ways to Manage Sundown Syndrome

Tips to help dementia caregivers can soothe anxiety in the evening

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Hospice and Palliative Care

A doctor providing palliative care to a man at home. Close up of them holding hands while the man lays down.

What Caregivers Should Know About Palliative Care

A specialized approach during serious illness

African-American father and son talking, the conversation project - caregiving

Starting the Conversation About End-of-Life Care

It’s the most important conversation we aren’t having

Close up of a hospice nurse holding the hands of one of her patients

Hospice: Who is a Candidate, What to Expect

Providing patients’ comfort before they die

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