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Where can I go to find help with caregiver stress and burnout?

En español | As you ride the emotional roller coaster of caregiving, it’s common to feel overwhelmed — but untreated anxiety or depression is serious. Check with your doctor to rule out any medical conditions that can trigger symptoms of mental health problems. Let your doctor know that you are a caregiver and might need support to be able to continue in this role.

Take a break, and call a friend, or go out for dinner. Studies show that simply giving voice to your frustrations and fears dials down tension and eases the isolation that shadows caregivers.

Establish a network of relatives, friends or people in the community you can call on. Schedule a family meeting or video chat about who does what, and convey your need for additional support.
Join a local or online support group so you can connect with sympathetic ears and glean ideas for coping better.

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