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AARP Bulletin June 2023

How to stay safe this summer, tips to calculate how much you’ll really need for your retirement stash, plus how to do a wallet audit


The June issue of AARP Bulletin offers must-read stories and news updates including an illustrated guide on avoiding injury when falling from the stuntmen on the new Indiana Jones movie — to calculating how much money you’ll need for retirement. The following are highlights from this month’s Bulletin:


Cover Story: How to stay safe this summer

Splashing in the waves! Hitting the road! Going to shows! These are some of the joys of summer, and if ever there was a time when we could all use more joy, it’s this summer. But these are also risky times, be it while traveling, moving around town, coping with extreme weather, dealing with strangers or simply avoiding such nuisances as bees, ticks or bad drivers. AARP identified more than 20 of the most common risks of summer and gives sharp, specific advice for staying safe and protected from each.


Also in the June issue:

Your Money: How big a retirement stash do you need?

No one should rush through retirement planning, but sometimes it helps to have rough calculations on whether you are saving enough. To help, here are three “back of envelope” ways that financial advisers use that can give you an instant snapshot of whether your retirement savings are in the ballpark, given your age and work situation. 

Fraud Watch: Wallet audit

A heavy wallet doesn’t just hurt your posture; it can also put you at financial risk. If stolen, an overstuffed wallet can provide crooks with all the information and tools they need to quickly loot your financial accounts and misuse your identity. This month’s Fraud Watch breaks down what you do and don’t need in your wallet.

Your Health: How the pros fall safely

Relaxing your body or bending your knees into a fall may seem counterintuitive, but it could save you from a broken wrist or hip! Just ask Stuart F. Wilson and Thomas DuPont — Harrison Ford’s stuntmen from the most recent Indiana Jones film. In this issue, learn tricks from two Hollywood pros to avoid injury when falling.

Your Life: Become a foster parent … to a pet

Overcrowding at animal shelters has helped spark a surprising upbeat trend: pet fostering. Empty nesters, retirees and older adults are the ideal volunteers to give dogs and cats the care and attention they need until a permanent home can be found for them. Fostering gives people the chance to enjoy animals on their own schedule, without making a long-term commitment. Read this month’s Your Life section to learn why fostering a pet could be a good next step for you.


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