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AARP Bulletin September 2022

Drug price relief, our Teen Mental Health Crisis special report, and where to find free clothes, appliances, household gear and more


For more than 60 years, AARP has been fighting to make prescription drugs more affordable for older Americans. With the signing of the Inflation Reduction Act, a historic new law will finally bring significant relief from high drug prices. This month, the AARP Bulletin cover story guides readers through how the legislation will help older Americans.

Plus a special report: The Teen Mental Health Crisis and How Parents and Grandparents Can Help. Experts are sounding the alarm about teen mental health. Rates of loneliness, depression and attempted suicide among teenagers are higher than ever before in modern American history. To help parents and grandparents support their young loved ones, the Bulletin offers the insights of dozens of health experts, counselors, educators and doctors to provide much-needed guidance and solutions — as well as hope.

Also in the September issue:

Where products are free. Diverse online exchanges are emerging across America where people give away or receive quality secondhand (and in some cases, new) clothes, appliances, household gear and more. Find out how these sites operate, what you might find there, and how to make sure you are dealing with a legitimate offer and staying safe and secure.

8 best late-life money options. We all know that health care and living costs often surge in the final few years of life. But how do you prepare for that time so you can afford good care and not be a burden to others? Our experts detail the range of financial products and approaches.

Breakthroughs in dentistry. Here’s a shocking fact: One quarter of adults 65 or older have eight or fewer teeth. And most of us will have lost at least a few as we approach Medicare age. But thanks to modern advances in dentistry, many tooth-replacement options available now are a huge step forward from the partials and dentures of the past.

Q&A with Neil deGrasse Tyson. Neil deGrasse Tyson lets readers in on his journey as an astrophysicist as he approaches his 65th trip around the sun. Tyson, author of the new book Starry Messenger, shares why a sense of wonder about the universe is so important, particularly in challenging times like the ones we’re experiencing now.


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