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AARP Bulletin May 2022

How to get around today’s dire shortage of workers and supplies — and get the work you need done


Need work done on your house? Or an elective surgery done, or a will written or a major car fix? Good luck getting it done soon! A unique economic moment in America (surging prices, too few workers, and a shortage of products and materials) makes getting many common needs completed more difficult than in any time in recent years. But there are ways to succeed. AARP Bulletin reporters spoke to dozens of industry insiders to find out the best way to get top-grade help fast in 12 categories, from home repair and money help to finding a new doctor.

Plus, almost a year in the making, our investigative report, “Long-Term Care Is the Crisis Everyone Must Face,” reveals just how difficult it can be to be a family caregiver. The report uncovers why government agencies, employers and the health care system fail to provide adequate caregiving support — as well as the implications it has on both those receiving and giving care.

Also, don’t miss:

  • Our Fraud Watch report on hobbies and how to avoid getting scammed
  • Credit card tricks to master
  • Credit vs. debit cards
  • How to save on “automatic shipment” purchases


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