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AARP Bulletin April 2023

This issue features the 2023 Fraud Survival Guide, the problem with extended warranty offers, and a brain health quiz


Rarely a day goes by in America in which each of us doesn’t receive at least one illegal email, phone call or text from a scammer. And they are perpetually clever: Like any smart business, scammers quickly adapt to the news and moods of the moment, always thinking of new ways to steal your money. And they’re succeeding: Americans’ annual losses to scams now tally in the billions. In response, AARP has created a 2023 fraud survival guide to answer all your questions — and show you who your allies are in this battle.


In the survival guide, AARP Bulletin details fraud tactics you might encounter now, such as:

  • How scammers are defeating the two-factor authentication features of banking apps
  • Criminals impersonating government employees to steal your personal information
  • Online shopping scams, where a purchased low-price good turns out to be a fake — and the scammer gets your credit card number
  • And many more. PLUS: How to protect yourself against each of these new scams


Also in the April issue:

Your Money: Is it worth it to upgrade your home energy?

How we heat, cool and electrify our homes is undergoing massive change in America, thanks to alternatives like solar panels, heat pumps, tankless water heaters and geothermal systems.  While the equipment can be pricey, these upgrades can save you thousands in long-term energy costs. How can you tell if it’s worth it? This month’s Your Money dives into these increasingly popular choices and details new tax breaks and rebates that could lower that cost of big-ticket home improvements.

The problem with extended warranties

Extended warranties are being offered on ever more products these days. Is the protection worth the price? This month’s Bulletin explains extended warranties and red flags to look out for.

Your Life: Keep your old computer running

Your three- or four-year-old computer is starting to slow, maybe even crash more often. Should you try to fix it or just buy a new one? Our tech gurus give honest guidance on how long a computer should last, how to prevent problems, extend its life, diagnose troubles, speed it up and figure out when not to bother spending big dollars to repair.

Your Health: Take our brain health quiz: Where are my keys?

Memory glitches like misplacing your keys can make you question if something is wrong with your brain. This quiz can help solve the riddle of whether your forgetfulness is a natural consequence of our stress-filled lives, a symptom of a physical or emotional health issue, or a potential sign of cognitive decline that should get checked out at the doc.

Can we end prostate cancer?

Since the mid-1990s, Wall Street’s Michael Milken has spent most of his time, efforts and money supporting cancer research. In a wide-ranging interview, he shares what progress he’s seen, where research dollars need to go, and what it takes for medical research to move faster.


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