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Advanced Vehicle Warning Systems — Protecting You While You Drive

Crash alerts help keep you on the road

New vehicle technologies are growing at an increasing rate, especially when it comes to advanced crash warning systems. These are systems that provide alerts and/or automatic braking in the event of an impending crash.

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While many manufacturers use different names for these advanced crash warning systems, we will refer to them in generic form.

Forward Collision Warning

Provides warnings or alerts if you approach a vehicle too quickly. Some systems may also automatically brake to reduce the impact or to prevent a crash.

Lane Departure Warning

Provides a warning if you drift outside of the driving lane (for example, if the driver falls asleep). Some systems may also automatically correct the steering or brake to prevent a crash.

Lane Change Warning

Provides alerts if you start to change lanes and there is another vehicle or object in the adjacent lane, often an audible warning. Some systems may also automatically correct steering or brake to prevent a crash.

Blind Spot Warning

Provides an alert, often a lighted signal in or near the side view mirror, when a vehicle is in your blind spot.