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Workers of All Ages Ready to Find New Jobs

Many older adults would also prefer a four-day workweek

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En español | As workers struggle with pandemic burnout and back-to-the-office mandates, nearly half of boomers (45 percent) think now would be a great time to switch jobs, and almost 8 out of 10 would seek a four-day workweek.

While an impressive number, younger workers appear even more eager to seek out greener pastures, with 91 percent of Gen Zers and 78 percent of millennials eyeing a potential move. Among Gen X workers, just 47 percent are contemplating a new job, according to a survey of 933 U.S. adults by online wealth management and financial advice firm Personal Capital.

Krista Aliga, a certified financial planner for Personal Capital, suggests boomers may be less prone to consider a job switch because the pandemic-induced shift to remote working has them moving toward retirement.

"We found that only 48 percent of boomers still work primarily from an office, and many of them are either working entirely remotely or doing a combination of remote and office work,” Aliga said via email. “This has allowed more individuals nearing retirement to accelerate any relocation plans without forgoing their paychecks. People can move closer to family, downsize, move to a lower cost-of-living area or pursue travel passions."

The survey also found 78 percent of boomers would prefer to compress their traditional five-day workweek into four days while maintaining the same hours. Such a compressed workweek is preferred by 79 percent of Gen Xers, 77 percent of millennials and just 58 percent of Gen Z workers.

"A four-day workweek may seem more appealing to the baby boomers because it allows a gradual transition to reduce hours,” Aliga said.

Patrick Kiger is a contributing writer for AARP. He has written for a wide variety of publications, including the Los Angeles Times Magazine, GQ, Mother Jones, and websites of the Discovery Channel and National Geographic.

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