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Creating Quality Jobs: A Framework for the Multigenerational Workforce

By Tay K. McNamara, Boston College Center on Aging & Work and Heather Tinsley-Fix, AARP

Business leaders around the globe are increasingly aware that their most important asset and resource is people. Finding, attracting, and keeping great talent with the right skills — never an easy task even in the best of times — is an even tougher challenge when unemployment levels are at a 50-year low and when in-demand skills are shifting faster than traditional models of education and training are able to deliver them.

In addition, the workforce — like the global population — is aging, and growing more age-diverse as huge leaps in healthy longevity allow us to stay in the workplace longer. In light of these trends, organizations need to be thoughtful about creating high-quality employment opportunities and inclusive workplace cultures to attract and unleash the potential of workers across the age span.

AARP has partnered with Boston College’s Center on Aging and Work to outline a framework for creating quality jobs within the context of a multigenerational workforce. This practical guide provides strategies and tactics business leaders and human resource executives can use to cultivate the conditions for inclusive and innovative organizations that offer opportunity for all generations — and that reap the rewards of a talented, engaged, diverse workforce.

Topics include:

  • How to create meaningful jobs that attract experienced professionals of all ages
  • How to foster a culture of respect, inclusivity, and equity
  • How to design compensation — and benefits your workforce will actually use
  • How to assess programs for efficacy and reach    

[Download Creating Quality Jobs: A Framework for the Multigenerational Workforce