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10 Career Moves You Can Make in Your 50s

These steps may expand opportunities, career


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Lost Your Vaccine Card? Here's How to Get It Back

Keeping record handy is becoming more important

Stay Connected With Our Virtual Community Center

Browse through free online events and classes

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Today: Alcohol Use and Cancer Risk

Also: Retiring later and brain health

3 Facts to Know About Alcohol and Cancer

Few people are aware of the link

Why This Flu Season Could Be Severe

Experts press need for vaccination

A Little-Known Tax Credit That Few Claim

You may be eligible to reduce your bill


Biden Orders New Vaccine Mandates

Announces multipronged strategy

Warning Flags for Fraudulent Apps

Here's what to look out for

Customer Service Chatbots Get Brainier

They may work better than humans

Caring for a Loved One?

Nursing Home COVID Deaths Undercounted

Study: More than 16,000 likely omitted

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Office Return Adding to Caregiver Stress

Many worry about juggling duties

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Adjusting to Life as a 'Sudden' Caregiver

What to do when unexpected happens

Managing Risk-Taking Male Care Receivers

How to channel dangerous impulses

At Home

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Today's Workout: Upper-Body Strength

Jorge Cruise leads session

8 National Parks at Their Best in Fall

Cooler weather, colorful foliage

10 Best Fall Fashion Trends for Women 50+

Throwback choices that look stylish

Travel Restrictions Start to Tighten Again

Delta variant is forcing action


5 Ways to Improve Your Gas Mileage

Get the most out of every gallon

Your Guide to Every Dan Brown Movie

Get ready for Robert Langdon

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