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Coronavirus Concerns in Jefferson County, Kentucky

The Coronavirus Pandemic: Attitudes Among the 50+ Population of Jefferson County, Kentucky

The coronavirus pandemic has required older residents of Jefferson County Kentucky, like all Americans, to adapt their lifestyles, relationships with others, beliefs, and expectations for the future, according to a recent survey conducted by AARP in collaboration with Health Enterprises Network

The survey was conducted to assess how these older adults are coping with the pandemic, how it has changed their everyday behaviors, and what new demands it has made on their lives. Specific topics included concerns about the coronavirus, behavior changes because of the virus, personal experience with the virus and its impact on employment, volunteering, caregiving, and charitable contributions.

This AARP survey of older residents of Jefferson County was conducted in collaboration with the Health Enterprises Network’s (HEN) Healthcare Fellows, the region’s only health care focused professional development program. The Fellows program spotlights innovation and thought leadership in Louisville’s vast health care ecosystem through monthly sessions with community leaders while fulfilling HEN’s mission of growing the region’s health-related economy and promoting Louisville as the location of choice for health-related businesses, researchers, educators and investors.


The survey was conducted by ANR Market Research August 24–September 4, 2020. Landline and cell phone sampling were used for this research, with the sample drawn randomly from a list of residents age 50+ in Jefferson County, Kentucky, purchased from Aristotle.

A total of 22,424 records were utilized. The list of 272,124 residents was randomly divided into 2,830 replicates of 1,000 records for telephone dialing. Initially, 20 replicates were released for calling, with additional replicates being opened as necessary. In all, 23 replicates representing a total of 22,424 resident records were dialed to complete this study.

All data were weighted by age and gender according to 2018 U.S. Census Bureau 5-year ACS statistics for Jefferson County, Kentucky. Note that race/ethnicity was also assessed. The distribution of respondents is within the margin of error of 2018 5-year ACS statistics, and race/ethnicity was thus excluded from weighting parameters.

For more information, please contact Jeffrey Love at For media inquiries, please contact

Suggested citation:

Love, Jeffrey. The Coronavirus Pandemic: Attitudes Among the 50+ Population of Jefferson County, Kentucky, Washington, DC: AARP Research, November 2020.

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