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AARP Research uncovers compelling insights on the 50+ population through groundbreaking research. We inform thought leaders internally and externally with strategic insights about the needs, market conditions, and trends impacting the 50+ to fulfill AARP’s mission of providing Real Possibilities for Americans 50+.

About AARP Research

Who are we?

AARP Research, led by Senior Vice President Indira Venkat, includes researchers and technical and support staff with diverse backgrounds and expertise to cover a wide range of research areas.

Our Leadership Team

  • Indira Venkat, Senior Vice President, AARP Research

    Consumer Insights:

  • Patty David, Vice President, Consumer Insights
  • Laura Skufca, Director, Advocacy, Community & Engagement
  • Navendu Shekhar, Analytics & Audiences
  • Ed Evans, Director, Demography
  • Lauren Goodson, Director, Growth, Enablement & Membership
  • Terry Keenan, Director, Health & Health Security
  • Colette Thayer, Director, Wealth & Financial Resilience

    Strategic Research Services:

  • Laura Staro Bruskin, Vice President, Strategic Research Services
  • John Fries, Director, Research Operations
  • Veralrose Hylton, Director, Library & Strategic Services
  • Chris Rasmussen, Director, Communication & Creative Services

What do we do?

We understand the 50+ population
AARP Research provides integrated insights on the motivations, needs, interests and behaviors of the 50+, supporting AARP membership, multicultural strategies, communications, publications, and the AARP Foundation.


We support AARP advocacy for the 50+  
AARP Research provides analysis to support AARP’s social impact and federal advocacy agendas. Key issues include Social Security, Medicare, ACA, pensions, long-term care and caregiving, transportation, housing, older workers, utilities, federal regulations and consumer affairs. Examples of research include understanding opinions about proposed legislation affecting Social Security and Medicare, research supporting the AARP Foundation’s work for vulnerable populations, and research that enables older Americans to stay healthy as they age.


We track opinions of the 50+
AARP Research provides ongoing tracking research to monitor opinions about issues important to the 50+ and attitudes about AARP such as monitoring satisfaction with the direction of the country, issues of highest importance, and lifestyle interests. We also look at key geo-demographic variables to support AARP membership and social impact efforts.


We support AARP state offices
AARP Research supports states’ implementation of AARP’s strategic priorities in advocacy, communications, education efforts and AARP’s external presence such as evaluation of AARP community efforts, polls to support state lobbying efforts on utilities, and state specific information about the wants and needs of the 50+.


We gather research conducted by other organizations
AARP Research provides secondary research and information services on topics of interest to the Association through access to an impressive array of business, news and academic online databases, which are synthesized in a variety of reports, fact sheets, and data visualizations.


Our research can be published with permission
Read AARP Research’s General Use Statement for more information.

Contact Us

For more information about AARP Research, send an email to


For media inquiries about AARP Research, contact the AARP Media Relations Office at 202-434-2560 or

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