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Analyzing data, charts, magnifying glass, AARP Research, General Use

AARP publishes its research in furtherance of AARP’s mission to strengthen communities and fight for the issues most relevant to people 50+ . We encourage use and distribution of our work in its original form among policymakers, researchers, and journalists, and the general public. AARP is a non-partisan, non-profit organization and does not grant permission for reprints, links, citations or other uses of our work that in any way implies that AARP endorses a particular candidate or party.

You Do Not need permission to...

  • Link to AARP Research websites
  • Cite AARP Research findings
  • Cite or display an AARP graphic or infographic in its entirety
  • Use in a classroom setting
  • Copy for personal use

You DO need to inform AARP when you...

  • Reproduce our work for one-time use
  • Redistribute on an ongoing basis
  • Use our datasets in published work
  • Use or display a portion of a graphic or infographic rather than its entirety

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