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Meditation is a Well-Known Practice, but Few Engage

A recent AARP survey revealed that while most (63%) adults 50-plus are familiar with the practice of meditation, less than half (44%) ever meditate.

Oregon Voters Want Workplace Protections Against Age Discrimination

Most Oregon voters (85%) support updating the state's age discrimination law and 7 in 10 (71%) are likely to support a candidate who would strengthen it.

Lack of Knowledge About Claiming Social Security Could be Costly in Retirement

People who rely on Social Security the most show gaps in knowledge about Social Security retirement benefits, specifically about when to claim.

AARP Vital Voices Research, 2022–2024

AARP Vital Voices Research explores the needs and interests of the 45+ population across the states.

AARP Vital Voices: Priority Issues for U.S. Women 45+

Women's views on their financial standing, security, and the future of American women 45-plus, as part of AARP Research's larger Vital Voices research.

Big Concerns Over Prescription Drug Prices, Less Awareness of New Law

Older adults are concerned about high prescription drug prices, but few know about the new law enacted in 2022 to bring down drug prices for consumers.

Financial Security Trends, July 2023

High inflation appears to be slowing in 2023, but consumers may take some time to recover., according to the latest Financial Security Trends survey.

Risks and Concerns Regarding Traumatic Brain Injury

A new AARP Research survey among adults 18-plus explores their familiarity and experiences with traumatic brain injury. Adults 65+ are at greatest risk.

Ageless Desire: Relationships and Sex in Middle Age and Beyond

Americans 40+ continue to value intimacy with a partner later in life, but what that desire for intimacy looks like varies by age and gender.

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