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Social Isolation: Myths vs. Realities Among Adults Age 40 and Older

Myths around social isolation still persist, and many adults 40+ are aware of its impact but don't feel personally at risk.

Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Awareness Poll 2018

Awareness of several Alzheimer’s disease and dementia characteristics is low among adults age 18+.

Americans, Exercise, and Inactivity: Sweating Together Helps

Fitness poll shows that Americans fall short on recommended exercise but are motivated by working out with others.

Hacking Longevity: Understanding the Implications of Living to 100

Explores key inflection points that people face as they enter each new life stage from ages 35 to 80+, and how living longer informs their planning, expectations, and perceptions across domains such as health, finance, social connection, and learning.

2018 AARP Survey: Experience and Knowledge of Medicare Card Scams

This telephone poll explores the experience and knowledge of U.S. adults age 65+ on Medicare card scams.

What Boomers Want: Insights into Cinema Experience Preferences and Behaviors

Baby Boomers love to see movies on the big screen with over 70% going to the movies at least once a year.

Interesting Stats

Many U.S. adults have a false sense of security about fraud and scams and three-quarters (75%) feel that it is not difficult to recognize a scam.

Did You Know?

Medicare beneficiaries will receive new cards that will now have a Medicare Beneficiary Identifier (MBI) intended to help prevent identity theft.

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