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People of all ages need and deserve to have affordable, reliable and high-quality telecommunications and energy service where they live and work. It is essential to health, economic welfare and overall quality of life.

AARP Utilities Principles

  • Utility services that are affordable and available for all
  • Reliable, safe, and high-quality utility services
  • Transparent and fair markets, with established consumer rights and protections
  • Independent commissions empowered to investigate and enforce regulations
  • Independent consumer organizations empowered to represent consumers before regulators

For detailed information on our policies around Livable Communities, please see our policy book.

Featured Publications

Getting Older Americans Connected

High-speed internet connectivity promises major benefits for many older Americans.

Winter Heating Costs for Older and Low-Income Households

Older low-income households will struggle to pay heating costs during the 2013-2014 winter heating season.

The Increasing Potential of Internet Connectivity

A high-speed Internet connection increases the potential for older adults to live independently and comfortably in their own homes. Yet, few older adults have a fast Internet connection at home.

Affordable Home Energy and Health

A look at the important connection between affordable home energy and health. An AARP Public Policy Institute Research Report by Lynne Snyder and Christopher Baker.

Telecommunications and Internet Technology

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For nearly a century, affordable phone service has made our society safer, more productive and more inclusive. In recent decades, the emergence of high-speed Internet technologies and other advances have generated an array of new and better services, often leading to profound social and economic benefits.  In fact, when affordable high-speed connectivity is widely available, a community has a critical resource to support residents of all ages. It also has an economic development tool to attract and retain businesses and jobs, and vital infrastructure to improve health care, education, and public safety.

Energy and Other Utility Services

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For many older people in low- and moderate-income households, high and unpredictable home energy prices endanger financial security.  Unaffordable energy expenses may also jeopardize stable home heating and cooling.  Such exposure can lead to a host of adverse health outcomes, ranging from the aggravation of chronic health conditions to food spoilage to premature death.  Affordable and reliable utility service is vital to ensure that residents with diverse needs and abilities remain independent and actively engaged in community life.

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