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Neal Walters, MA

Policy Research Senior Analyst

Neal Walters, MA

Neal Walters, MA

Areas of Expertise

Information privacy, identity theft, affordable home utilities, credit reporting, and prepaid cards


Neal Walters is a policy research senior analyst with AARP’s Public Policy Institute. He conducts policy research and analysis on issues affecting the financial security of the population aged 50 and older, particularly those related to consumer protections and affordable home utilities. Mr. Walters has written a variety of reports on matters relating to financial information privacy, identity theft, affordable home utilities, prepaid cards, credit reporting, and the subprime mortgage market. He has an MA in anthropology from Florida University.

In His Words

“As more consumers continue to integrate mobile devices into their daily lives, mobile device users need to make informed decisions about limiting the types of personal data that are collected, about limiting how those data are used, and about how to exercise any rights they have to limit the collection. For that reason, regulators, legislators, and industry groups must continue to work toward improving transparency in the collection and use of personal information in the mobile device ecosystem.” “Improving Mobile Device Privacy Disclosures”

Selected Publications

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