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Claire Noel-Miller, MPA, PhD

Senior Strategic Policy Advisor

Claire Noel-Miler

Areas of Expertise

Quantitative research applied to a variety of health policy issues related to older adults and Medicare


Claire Noel-Miller is a social demographer with expertise in the demography of aging populations. In her current position, she provides expertise in quantitative research methods that are applied to a variety of health policy issues related to older adults. Claire has written on the issue of Medicare beneficiaries’ out-of-pocket costs, among other topics.

Before joining AARP, Claire worked as a postdoctoral researcher and as a research associate at the Center for the Demography of Health and Aging, University of Wisconsin–Madison.
She has extensive experience in quantitative data analysis. Claire has manipulated and analyzed numerous large data sets to answer research questions and is an experienced coder, working primarily in Stata and SAS. She holds a master’s degree in public affairs from Princeton University and a PhD from the University of Pennsylvania.

In Her Words

“Medicare is a vital program that helps older and disabled adults pay for needed health care services. However, the traditional fee-for-service (FFS) program does not cover all health care–related costs.... Many Medicare beneficiaries [face] high [out-of-pocket] spending burdens....” (C. Noel-Miller, “Medicare Beneficiaries’ Out-of-Pocket Spending for Health Care”)

Selected Publications

Flowers, L., Noel-Miller, C., and Okrent, D., “Colonoscopy Screening after the Affordable Care Act: Cost Barriers Persist for Medicare Beneficiaries,” (AARP Public Policy Institute, Insight on the Issues 87, December 2013).

Noel-Miller, C., “Medicare Beneficiaries’ Out-of-Pocket Spending for Health Care,” (AARP Public Policy Institute, Insight on the Issues 88, December 2013).

K. Lind, C. Noel-Miller, L. Zhao, and C. Schur, “Observation Status: Financial Implications for Medicare Beneficiaries,” Research Report, AARP Public Policy Institute, Washington, DC, April 2015.


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