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People wait to vote

How Will the Country's Many Crises Affect Your Vote?

Pandemic, economy, race likely to drive November election outcomes


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Companies Raise Prices on COVID-19 Drugs

Report reveals increases on 245 medicines


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10 Myths About the American Flag

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Will Older Voters Decide the 2020 Election?

Coronavirus will impact the voting process

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AARP Urges U.S. Supreme Court to Maintain the ACA

Pandemic makes health law even more essential

AARP Answers: Coronavirus and ...

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The 2020 Census

The latest on filling out questionnaires online, scams, census jobs and more

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The Post Office

The latest on mail safety, home delivery, stamps, shipping hand sanitizer and more

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Your Tax Return

The latest on filing extensions — for federal and many states — tax refunds and deductions

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