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AARP Calls for Greater Drug Price Transparency Skip to content

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Support Drug Price Transparency

Force pharmaceutical companies to justify dramatic cost increases

En español | Millions of Americans rely every day on prescription drugs to maintain their health. AARP believes it’s unfair that we pay the highest prices in the world and that many older adults have to choose between filling their prescriptions and buying food. AARP says the president, Congress and state governments must Stop Rx Greed and Cut Drug Prices Now.


For several years states have passed or been considering legislation that would require drugmakers to report the reasons behind dramatic price increases. The laws require pharmaceutical companies to justify high launch prices and price hikes. The principle behind the legislation is that greater disclosure around market pricing will help drive down costs. As of June 2018, seven states (California, Connecticut, Maine, Maryland, Nevada, Oregon and Vermont) had enacted drug transparency laws.

AARP urges all state governments to enact laws that promote transparency.