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Plan your future with these tip sheets

En Español | AARP is working to ensure you have the resources and tools you need to take charge of your future by offering free and unbiased information as you work, plan and save for the real possibility of long-term financial security.  Whether you are looking for information on Social Security, finding a job or starting a business, saving and planning, investing, and more, these financial publications are valuable resources that include a helpful “to-do” list of action steps.

Download and print these financial publications for yourself or share with a friend. You can also distribute them in a community newsletter or bookmark them for later reading.

Social Security

When to Claim Social Security (PDF): Holding out longer before claiming will increase your monthly benefits.

Social Security and Work (PDF): Understanding the implications of working while receiving Social Security benefits.

Social Security for Married Couples (PDF): Married couples get more income by waiting longer to claim.

Social Security for Divorcees (PDF): There are special rules and benefits that may allow you to receive benefits from an ex-spouse.

Social Security and Taxes (PDF): How much could you be taxed?

Social Security: The Basics (PDF): General information on Social Security retirement benefits.

Finding a Job or Starting a Business

Get “Unstuck” with a Career Professional (PDF): If you feel “stuck” in your career and think it’s time for a change, consider working with a career counselor or career coach.

Dealing with the “Overqualified” Label (PDF): Straightforward ways to deal with the “overqualified” label and make to your qualifications a virtue. 

Why Tweets, Posts, and Links Matter to Your Job Search (PDF): Social media has dramatically changed how networking is done.

Create Your Personal Brand (PDF): Developing and effectively selling your persona brand can help you succeed in getting the job you want.

10 Tips for Reinventing Your Career (PDF): 10 tips to help you structure your job search and make a transition to a new career.

Write a Cover Letter that Gets Read (PDF): What to include and what to avoid when writing a cover letter that conveys your personal brand and attracts employers. 

Affected by Age Discrimination? Here’s What to Know (PDF): What you can do if you or someone you know becomes a victim of age discrimination.

Résumé Kit: Write a winning résumé (PDF): Contains examples of three types of résumés and includes a list of suggested keywords to include. 

How Job Hunting Has Changed (PDF): Understand how the job search process has changed dramatically.

Which Type of Résumé is Right for You? (PDF): Learn to create and use the three basic résumé types: chronological, functional, and combination.

Ask Effective Interview Questions (PDF): Tips for asking questions that can better highlight your talents during a job interview.

Ten Tough Interview Questions (PDF): Tips for preparing and handling difficult job interview questions.

Saving and Planning

Savings Tips (PDF): Tips to save more and spend less.

Budgeting (PDF):  A worksheet to help you manage your spending.

Cost Cutting Tips (PDF): Practical ways to reduce your spending.

Get Debt Under Control (PDF): Learn how to reduce debt and increase your savings.

Your Road to Retirement (PDF):  Decide what your retirement will look like and learn how prepare for it.

Improving Your Credit (PDF): Steps to ensure your credit.

Timing Your Retirement (PDF): Useful financial and lifestyle information to help you decide when to retire.

Section 529 College Savings Plans (PDF):  How to save for your child’s education


Investing Tips (PDF): How to maximize your investing dollar.

IRAs (PDF): How Traditional and Roth Individual Retirement Accounts work.

401(k) Plans (PDF): How to contribute to a retirement plan where you work.

Annuities (PDF): The basics of buying insurance that pays a regular stream of retirement income.

Choosing suitable investments (PDF): Make sure the advice you get is best for your financial situation.

SEP-IRAs (PDF): If you're self employed, consider this IRA option - a simplified employee pension.

Managing and Protecting Assets

Managing Your Money in Retirement (PDF): How to develop a plan to manage your money so it lasts as long as you do.

Avoiding Investment Fraud (PDF): Avoid the “too good to be true” investment schemes.

Predatory sales practices (PDF): Protect your investments from bad advice.

Housing and Mortgage

Carrying Mortgage Debt Into Retirement (PDF):  Learn the pros and cons



Struggling to Make Mortgage Payments (PDF): Avoid foreclosure and recognize mortgage rescue scams.

Additional Resources

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